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Ray Rose

836 Hygea Dark Tan Satin

836 Hygea Dark Tan Satin

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Introducing the Ray Rose Hygea 836X: Dark Tan Satin Ladies' Latin American Sandal

Exclusively crafted for Extra Wide feet, the Ray Rose Hygea 836X is designed for unparalleled comfort and style in professional and competitive dancing. Immerse yourself in the perfect blend of elegance and functionality with these beautifully made satin dance shoes.

Key Features:

  • Extra Wide Elegance: Tailored for an Extra Wide foot, the Hygea features a fixed 5-strap Ladies' sandal, providing a secure and stylish fit for dancers with broader feet.
  • Square Toe Comfort: Enjoy a comfortable dance experience with the square toe insole, offering a sophisticated foundation for your routines.
  • Secure Wrap-Around Ankle Strap: The wrap-around ankle strap, coupled with the Ray Rose Logo buckle, ensures a secure and stylish hold, allowing you to dance with confidence.
  • Flexibility and Stability: Experience optimum flexibility with stability and control, empowering you to express yourself effortlessly on the dance floor.
  • Timeless Rounded Back: Embrace the traditional rounded back, adding a touch of timeless style to your dance ensemble.
  • Durable "Non-Stretch" Stripping: The "non-stretch" stripping guarantees durability, ensuring your Hygea dance shoes withstand the test of time.
  • Hygienic Comfort: Revel in the antibacterial properties of the microfiber sock and lining, maintaining a fresh and hygienic dance experience.
  • Orthotic Support: The latex sports orthotic, featuring integral metatarsal support, ensures comfort and support during every dance move.
  • Safety Assurance: Dance confidently on any surface with the anti-slip heel tips, providing an additional layer of safety.

Step into comfort and elegance with the Ray Rose Hygea 836X – where design meets extra-wide sophistication.

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