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Ray Rose

106 Landslide Flesh Satin

106 Landslide Flesh Satin

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Landslide Flesh Satin Ladies' Standard Dance Shoes

These high-quality, round-toe satin dance shoes are perfect for professional and competitive dancers. They feature a non-slip heel tip, a shock-absorbent inner sock with arch and metatarsal support, and an antibacterial lining.

Here is a more detailed breakdown of the product features:

  • Round toe shape: This shape is flattering for most foot types and provides a comfortable fit.
  • V-shaped throat: This design helps to keep the foot secure and prevents the shoe from rubbing.
  • Antibacterial lining: This lining helps to prevent the growth of bacteria, which can cause foot odor and infections.
  • Biomechanically developed latex shock absorbent inner sock: This inner sock provides support and cushioning for the foot, reducing fatigue and pain.
  • Anti-slip heel tip: This heel tip helps to prevent the shoe from slipping on smooth surfaces.

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