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L111 Lorna Lee

L111 Lorna Lee

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Introducing the Lorna Lee Black Leather/Suede Ladies' Practice Dance Shoe - your ultimate choice for dance teaching and practice. These meticulously handcrafted dance shoes are a testament to quality, designed with precision to elevate your dance performance while ensuring exceptional comfort.

Key Features:

  1. Lorna Lee Signature: Designed and worn by the renowned teacher and choreographer Lorna Lee herself, these dance shoes bear the mark of expertise and excellence in dance footwear.
  2. Leather and Suede Fusion: Lorna Lee dance shoes feature a harmonious blend of soft, hard-wearing leather and suede. Experience the best of both materials for durability and flexibility.
  3. Spacious Toe Comfort: Enjoy a fully rounded and spacious toe shape that accommodates your feet comfortably, allowing for natural movement and balance.
  4. Gel Foam Bliss: With gel foam padding under the sock, your every step is cushioned and supported, reducing fatigue during extended dance sessions.
  5. Security and Comfort: An elasticated band under the laces provides an extra layer of security and comfort, ensuring your shoes stay snugly in place while you dance with confidence.
  6. Anti-Slide Heel: Lorna Lee dance shoes come with anti-slide suede heel tips, allowing you to glide effortlessly on the dance floor while maintaining control and stability.
  7. Arch Support: This style offers a fully supportive arch, helping you maintain proper posture and enhancing your overall dance performance.

Elevate your dance journey with the Lorna Lee Black Leather/Suede Ladies' Practice Dance Shoe, a fusion of elegance, support, and durability. Dance with the assurance that every step is guided by the expertise of a world-renowned dancer and teacher.

Choose Lorna Lee - where passion meets precision.

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