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Capezio's Barely There Jelz footUndeez™

Capezio's Barely There Jelz footUndeez™

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Elevate your dance experience with Capezio's Barely There Jelz footUndeez™, specially crafted to add extra comfort and support for lyrical, modern, and contemporary dance styles. These foot thongs are designed for effortless turning, featuring two separate sole patches that conform to the individual pads of your foot. Experience the ultimate in pressure relief and shock absorption, thanks to the thin layer of Bunheads® gel embedded within each pad.

The product boasts a four-way stretch, breathable Nylon Lycra® Spandex upper, providing flexibility and comfort during dynamic movements. The ExoArmor duet sole patches, with their patented design, move independently, ensuring adaptability to various dance techniques. The forefoot pads are meticulously sewn, both on the edge and interior, guaranteeing durability for your every move.

Designed for the dancer who craves additional support without compromising aesthetics, the top elastic is expertly covered, maintaining a clean line for a polished look. The footUndeez® are secured in place by 5/8" one-sided plush elastic adorned with the iconic Capezio logo. Unlike the original H07, these footUndeez® boast even more stretch, providing optimal flexibility for your performances.

With concealed elastic that keeps the footUndeez® firmly in place without pinching or color breaks, you can confidently focus on your routine. Explore our size chart for the perfect fit, ranging from Small (UK 4-5 / EU 37-38) to X-Large (UK 10-11 / EU 44-45), ensuring every dancer, including those with half sizes or extreme feet, can dance comfortably. Choose Capezio Barely There Jelz footUndeez™ for unparalleled comfort, support, and style in your lyrical, modern, and contemporary dance endeavors.

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