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Elite Dancer

Bungee Ponytail Hair Hooks (5 Pack)

Bungee Ponytail Hair Hooks (5 Pack)

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Enhance Your Dance Hairstyles with Elite Dancer's Bungee Ponytail Hair Hooks.

Do you love creating stunning ponytails, half knots, and braided styles for your dance performances? These bungee ponytail hooks are perfect for dancers! Crafted with exceptional durability, they provide the ideal elasticity to achieve a flawless dance look without pulling or tugging.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for crafting beautiful ponytails and versatile styles, these hooks are a must-have accessory for dancers.
  • Excellent Elasticity: Made with an elastic band and a metal hook, these ponytail holder hooks offer excellent elasticity. The elastic band measures approximately 8.5 cm and can be stretched to about 23 cm, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.
  • Convenient: Achieve a professional dance look with ease. These hair band hooks make it simple to create a flawless ponytail without causing any discomfort or hair damage.
  • Generous Quantity: Each set includes 5 pieces of ponytail hooks and are available in three colors - Black, Brown, and Blonde. You'll have plenty to experiment with various dance styles.
  • Ideal Size: Each hook measures about 13.5 cmin total length, with an elastic band of 9 cm, making them convenient and easy to use for your dance hairstyles.

Elevate your dance hairstyles with the convenience and versatility of these bungee ponytail hooks. Whether you're preparing for a performance or practicing your moves, these hair accessories are an essential addition to your dance kit.

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